Hog-Words Storytelling


28 июля, 11, 25 августа
Начало: 19:00
Продолжительность: 2 часа
Место: балкон взрослой библиотеки
Вход свободный

Hog-Words Storytelling

Good news everyone!

Summer 2017 Hog-Words club continues its #storytelling meetings.

As usual we meet outdoors, this time at ZIL CC's balcony.

What is it? We meet together to tell stories. You just take the stage and share your story with the friendly audience. While doing this you practice, as a speaker: public speaking, language skills, creating interesting story, holding storyline, creating suspense, engaging with the audience,… You also improve as a listener: following the idea of a speaker, telling how the story could be improved, or just enjoying the story itself.

There's also room for discussion. We have special blocks where you can talk about stories you've heard.

Due to changing weather or other circumstances the type of our meetings may be changed. Follow announces in our group: vk.com/o.circ

Требуемый уровень знания английского не ниже Intermediate.